Hello World for the Commodore 64

Place the following examlpe in a file called hello-world-c64.s and compile with the command

xlr8 --target c64-basic hello-world-c64.s cbm.lib
.section zero_page; Place following objects into the zero page.
ptr .reserve 2; Reserve a 2-byte variable called ptr in the zero page.
.section code; Place the follwing symbols in the code section, which for this target is in the BASIC program area.
.public start {; Begin the code object named start, which will be called when starting the resulting program.
lda #<message; Copy the address of the object message to the variable ptr.
sta ptr
lda #>message
sta ptr + 1
ldy #0; Print the 0-terminated string at message to the screen using the kernal routine CHROUT.
lda (ptr),y
beq end
bne loop
rts; Return to BASIC.
}; End the code object start.
.section data; Place the following symbols in the data section, which for this target is also in the BASIC program area.
message {; Create the object message containing the string to print, using the default stirng encoding PETSCII.
.data "{clear}hello world!{return}", 0; The named character {clear} is the control code to clear the screen.